In Pet Society, your pet has a Level. Currently, these Levels range from Level 1 to Level 100. In order to gain Levels, your pet needs to gain Paw Points. There is a certain amount of Paw Points needed to get to each Level, with it rising each time, meaning the more you gain Levels the harder it gets! Almost everything your pet does gives you Paw Points, including taking care of your pet, buying it things, visiting friends and more!


Here is a list of all the Levels in Pet Society:


Level 1: Getting Started

Paw Points: 0

Rewards: N/A


Level 2: New Arrival

Paw Points: 20

Rewards: Basic Ball, Coins


Level 3: Learner

Paw Points: 50

Rewards: Basic Frisbee, Coins


Level 4: Playful Pet

Paw Points: 100

Rewards: Basic Skipping Rope, Coins


Level 5: Fresh Face

Paw Points: 250

Rewards: Portable TV, Coins


Level 6: Promising Prospect

Paw Points: 500

Rewards: Better Soap, Coins


Level 7: One To Watch

Paw Points: 750

Rewards: Better Ball, Coins


Level 8: Growing Talent

Paw Points: 1,000

Rewards: Better Brush, Coins


Level 9: High Achiever

Paw Points: 1,500

Rewards: Better Frisbee, Coins


Level 10: Popular Pet

Paw Points: 2,000

Rewards: Back Garden, Better Skipping Rope, Coins


Level 11: Influential Pet

Paw Points: 2,500

Rewards: 4 roomed house, Digital TV, Coins


Level 12: Rising Star

Paw Points: 3,000

Rewards: Super Soap, Coins


Level 13: Established Presence

Paw Points: 3,500

Rewards: Super Ball, Coins


Level 14: Society Stalwart

Paw Points: 4,000

Rewards: Super Brush, Coins


Level 15: Famous Pet

Paw Points: 4,500

Rewards: Super Frisbee, Coins


Level 16: Media Darling

Paw Points: 5,000

Rewards: Super Skipping Rope, Coins


Level 17: High Profile Pet

Paw Points: 6,000

Rewards: 5 roomed house, Plasma TV, Coins


Level 18: VIP Pet

Paw Points: 7,000

Rewards: Lovely Soap, Coins


Level 19: Celebrity Pet

Paw Points: 8,000

Rewards: Golden Ball, Coins


Level 20: It Pet

Paw Points: 9,000

Rewards: Golden Brush, Coins


Level 21: A-List Pet

Paw Points: 10,000

Rewards: Golden Frisbee, Coins


Level 22: Renowned Pet

Paw Points: 11,000

Rewards: Golden Skipping Rope, Coins


Level 23: Superstar Pet

Paw Points:12,000

Rewards: 6 roomed house, Coins


Level 24: Hollywood Pet

Paw Points: 14,000

Rewards: Aqua Soap, Coins


Level 25: Megastar Pet

Paw Points: 18,000

Rewards: Pro Ball, Coins


Level 26: Platinum Pet

Paw Points: 24,000
 Rewards: Crystal Brush, Coins


Level 27: Uberstar Pet

Paw Points: 32,000

Rewards: Star Frisbee, Coins


Level 28: Ultimate Achiever

Paw Points: 42,000

Rewards: Expert Skipping Rope, Coins


Level 29: Superb Pet

Paw Points: 54,000

Rewards: 7 roomed house, Coins


Level 30: Heroic Pet

Paw Points: 68,000

Rewards: Golden Star Soap, Coins


Level 31: Royal Pet

Paw Points: 84,00

Rewards: Crystal Ball, Coins


Level 32: Historic Pet

Paw Points: 102,000

Rewards: Ruby Brush, Coins


Level 33: Super Pet

Paw Points: 122,000

Rewards: Coins


Level 34: All-Time Great

Paw Points: 144.000

Rewards: Gem Frisbee, Coins


Level 35: Ultimate Pet

Paw Points: 166,000

Rewards: 8 roomed house, Coins


Level 36: Ruby Renowned Pet

Paw Points: 188,000

Rewards: Heart Soap, Coins


Level 37: Ruby Superstar Pet

Paw Points: 210,000

Rewards: Ruby Ball, Coins


Level 38: Ruby Hollywood Pet

Paw Points: 232,000

Rewards: Sapphire Brush, Coins


Level 39: Ruby Megastar Pet

Paw Points: 254,000

Rewards: Sapphire Frisbee, Coins


Level 40: Ruby Platinum Pet

Paw Points: 276,000

Rewards: Ruby Skipping Rope, Coins


Level 41: Ruby Uberstar Pet

Paw Points: 298,000

Rewards: 9 roomed house, Coins


Level 42: Ruby Ultimate Achiever Pet

Paw Points: 310,000

Rewards: Sapphire Heart Soap, Coins


Level 43: Ruby Superb Pet

Paw Points: 332,000

Rewards: Sapphire Ball, Coins


Level 44: Ruby Heroic Pet

Paw Points: 354,000

Rewards: Rainbow Brush, Coins


Level 45: Ruby Royal Pet

Paw Points: 376,000

Rewards: Rainbow Frisbee, Coins


Level 46: Ruby Historic Pet

Paw Points: 398,000

Rewards: Sapphire Skipping Rope, Coins


Level 47: Ruby Super Pet

Paw Points: 420,000

Rewards: 10 roomed house, Coins


Level 48: Ruby All-Time Great Pet

Paw Points: 442,000

Rewards: Coins


Level 49: Red Ruby Superstar

Paw Points: 464,000

Rewards: Coins


Level 50: Emerald Renowened Pet

Paw Points: 486,000

Rewards: Coins


Level 51: Emerald Superstar Pet

Paw Points: 508,000

Rewards: Coins


Level 52: Emerald Hollywood Pet

Paw Points: 530,000

Rewards: Coins


Level 53: Emerald Megastar Pet

Paw Points: 552,000

Rewards: Coins


Level 54: Emerald Platinum Pet

Paw Points: 574,000

Rewards: Coins


Level 55: Emerald Uberstar Pet

Paw Points: 596,000

Rewards: Coins


Level 56: Emerald Ultimate Achiever Pet

Paw Points: 618,000

Rewards: Coins


Level 57: Emerald Superb Pet

Paw Points: 640,000

Rewards: Coins


Level 58: Emerald Heroic Pet

Paw Points: 662,000

Rewards: Coins


Level 59: Emerald Royal Pet

Paw Points: 684,000

Rewards: Coins


Level 60: Emerald Historic Pet

Paw Points: 706,000

Rewards: Coins


Level 61: Emerald Super Pet

Paw Points: 728,000

Rewards: Coins


Level 62: Emerald All-Time Great Pet

Paw Points: 750,000

Rewards: Coins


Level 63: Green Emerald Superstar

Paw Points: 772,000

Rewards: Coins


Level 64: Sapphire Renowened Pet

Paw Points: 794,000

Rewards: Coins


Level 65: Sapphire Superstar Pet

Paw Points: 816,000

Rewards: Coins


Level 66: Sapphire Hollywood Pet

Paw Points: 838,000

Rewards: Coins


Level 67: Sapphire Megastar Pet

Paw Points: 860,000

Rewards: Coins


Level 68: Sapphire Platinum Pet

Paw Points: 882,000

Rewards: Coins


Level 69: Sapphire Uberstar Pet

Paw Points: 904,000

Rewards: Coins


Level 70: Sapphire Ultimate Achiever

Paw Points: 926,000

Rewards: Coins


Level 71: Sapphire Superb Pet

Paw Points: 948,000

Rewards: Coins


Level 72: Sapphire Heroic Pet

Paw Points: 970,000

Rewards: Coins


Level 73: Sapphire Royal Pet

Paw Points: 992,000

Rewards: Coins


Level 74: Sapphire Historic Pet

Paw Points: 1,014,000

Rewards: Coins


Level 75: Sapphire Super Pet

Paw Points: 1,036,000

Rewards: Coins


Level 76: Sapphire All-Time Great Pet

Paw Points: 1,058,000

Rewards: Coins


Level 77: Blue Sapphire Superstar

Paw Points: 1,080,000

Rewards: Coins


Level 78: Silver Renowened Pet

Paw Points: 1,102,000

Rewards: Coins


Level 79: Silver Superstar Pet

Paw Points: 1,124,000

Rewards: Coins


Level 80: Silver Hollywood Pet

Paw Points: 1,146,000

Rewards: Coins


Level 81: Siver Megastar Pet

Paw Points: 1,168,000

Rewards: Coins


Level 82: Silver Platinum Pet

Paw Points: 1,190,000

Rewards: Coins


Level 83: Sliver Uberstar Pet

Paw Points: 1,212,000

Rewards: Coins


Level 84: Silver Ultimate Achiever Pet

Paw Points: 1,234,000

Rewards: Coins


Level 85: Silver Superb Pet

Paw Points: 1,256,000

Rewards: Coins


Level 86: Silver Heroic Pet

Paw Points: 1,278,000

Rewards: Coins


Level 87: Siver Royal Pet

Paw Points: 1,300,000

Rewards: Coins


Level 88: Silver Historic Pet

Paw Points: 1,322,000

Rewards: Coins


Level 89: Silver Super Pet

Paw Points: 1,344,000

Rewards: Coins


Level 90: Silver All-Time Great Pet

Paw Points: 1,366,000

Rewards: Coins


Level 91: Shining Silver Superstar

Paw Points: 1,388,000

Rewards: Coins


Level 92: Gold Platinum Pet

Paw Points: 1,410,000

Rewards: Coins


Level 93: Gold Uberstar Pet

Paw Points: 1,432,000

Rewards: Coins


Level 94: Gold Ultimate Achiever Pet

Paw Points: 1,454,000

Rewards: Coins


Level 95: Gold Superb Pet

Paw Points: 1,476,000


Rewards: Coins


Level 96: Gold Heroic Pet

Paw Points: 1,498,000

Rewards: Coins


Level 97: Gold Royal Pet

Paw Points: 1,520,000

Rewards: Coins


Level 98: Gold Historic Pet

Paw Points: 1,542,000

Rewards: Coins


Level 99: Gold Super Pet

Paw Points: 1,564,000

Rewards: Coins


Level 100: Gold All-Time Great Pet

Paw Points: 1,586,000

Rewards: Coins