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And so, I take my leave..

17/10/2010 13:56

 Hello Friends. This will be my final post, as I have made the concrete decision to cease all blog posting. The blog used to be amusing and good fun, but lately it has become too much of a tribulation for me. I have also acknowledged the fact an awful lot of Pet Society blogs have stopped posting, it really was only a matter of time before I decided to stop posting as well. Whether or not my cohort, Solo, makes the choice to continue posting is her decision. My choice however, is very consummate. Anyhow, thank you all who read my blog posts, it was wonderful while it lasted. It's just as the saying goes, all good things must come to an end..

Thank you so much for everything, Krim xoxo

New Halloween Fish Bait + Fish

07/10/2010 17:00

Check out the new fish you could catch with the Orange Halloween Fish Biscuit! The new bait will be released and available to buy on Monday, for 3 Playfish Cash.

It would be cool to display the fish in the new collaborative item, Mad Scientist Flask Aquarium. It takes the help of just 15 friends to get this item!



Krim xoxo



Free Item + New Digging!

07/10/2010 16:54

There is a new free item available to send your friends now! The new digging item has also been released, the Vampire Cane is a great wearable item for your pet. Start digging to get yours!


Mystery Box Update!

07/10/2010 16:50

That's right, all the mystery boxes have been updated with Halloween-themed items! Start searching for them now, as they will all be removed from the boxes on the 1st November!

Vote for the best!

04/10/2010 16:34

 The Halloween competition is ready for you to vote! Have you seen all the great entries? Krim has already voted, it was hard to choose! You can vote by clicking here -> The next update will be posted soon, so visit the blog again later! Thanks for reading.


Krim xoxo

Halloween Fishy!

03/10/2010 16:54

Krim has been wondering about what outfit to wear for Halloween, Playfish are bound to release some fabulous spooky costumes, though! The Halloween atmosphere is definately at a high ver in Pet Society. Just look at this creepy Halloween Slimy Fish that you can catch from the town river! He sure does looks a lot scarier than the Oktoberfest Drink Fish!

Krim xoxo

New Plushies!

03/10/2010 16:42

It's all happening over in Pet Society right now! Krim heard that there was a new Plushie available from the Town Forest digging site, so he's been using up his free daily shovels to get the Angel Cat Plushie! It's little wings are animated, and it's a welcome addition to Krim's home. On Tuesday there will be another cute Plushie available, for 2,000 coins you can get the Devil Cat Plushie, which is just as cute, and has animated wings too!

They look so cute together, Krim will make sure he gets the Devil Cat so the Angel Cat doesn't feel lonely! Krim has to show you the other item that comes out on Wednesday, so please check back later for moreinformation.


Thanks for reading this post, Krim xoxo


03/10/2010 16:31

Trick or treat! Pet Society is getting all ready for Halloween by the looks of things. Have you been on recently? Krim was quite shocked to find the river had been replaced with a thick ooze, and that all the trees had died and lost their lush leaves! Krim's favourite time of the year has always been Halloween. It's a time for dressing up and getting lots of free candy, and who doesn't love free candy? Please check back later for the low-down on what Pet Society's Halloween will be like this year! 


Krim xoxo

A Very Quick Update!

13/09/2010 00:18

Sorry we haven't posted for quite some time. There are a lot of reasons for this:


1) Internet access has been limited to us for quite some time.

2) Summer is over, which means school.

3) As well as school, we also have projects to finish.


I hope everyone understands, that we just don't have the time for this site right now. I think it would be fair to say that we are now on Hiatus.

We don't know how long for, but as soon as we are back, we will update the Facebook page. 

This would be a great time for you to look at some other blogs, some of our favorites are in our 'Links' section. 


Thanks for reading, Krim xoxo

We're Moving!

07/09/2010 18:37

It's pretty much as the title says, we are going to be moving the blog. The new address can be found here:


The Future Pet Society Blog!


We haven't officially moved here yet, as this new blog is pretty much just a work in progress. 


Krim xoxo

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