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Date: 07/03/2012

By: ♥ Pamela 20 sexy ♥

Subject: ♥ free chat ♥

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Date: 11/01/2012

By: Tiffany

Subject: I love dog

Date: 11/12/2011

By: Tiffany

Subject: cat biscuit making equipment

Date: 18/11/2011

By: sinoshonss

Subject: dog food machine

I think it is good.You can have a

Date: 04/11/2011

By: Tiffany

Subject: lovely dog

At the dog park today a nice lady told me a favorite dog food recipe of hers and I was shocked to hear it contained a dangerous vegetable, but she did not know.

there was about 5 other dog owners in our conversation & not one of them batted an eyelid..
so I asked "You guys know that's a dangerous recipe, right?"

But no one answered "Yes
So I'm passing this onto you now because there are a lot of left-overs that make it into dog dishes every day.

NEVER, EVER give your dog dangerous food from now. you'll find what you want and helpful to your dogs

Date: 27/10/2011

By: Tiffany

Subject: pet food machine

It is really

Date: 25/10/2011

By: sinoshonss

Subject: pet food machine

I have a dog,and I often buy food from shop.But I find he doesn't like it flavor, and he is more and more thick. Iam so worried him.Later, My friend tell me that she make the dog food by herself, her dog is fat and cute.Because the food is healthy. And now I also make food by myself, and my dog is more and more healthy. So I think if you have the similarity problem , maybe it can help you,

Date: 25/10/2011

By: Tiffany

Subject: pet food

I make my dog food by myself,because i think it is

Date: 27/10/2010

By: PetSocietySuperFan

Subject: The blog.

Hello, I am interested in possibly taking over this blog. Do you think it would be possible to contact me regarding this? I already have sent an email to you, please reply as soon as possible!

Date: 26/10/2010

By: Solo

Subject: Blog

Hello all, I know it's sad, but I also will not continue to post in the future. If I still like Pet Society in 50 or so years when I am a retired old fart, ( which I doubt very, very much) I will post then. Well, what can I say? Thanks for everything guys, thanks for all the comments and to our few regular visitors.

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