About Us

Pet Society Blog was made after we saw other people's blogs. We felt compelled to start our own, and we both had an undying passion for Pet Society at the time. It seemed like a bit of fun then, but the site has just kept growing since we began posting, and we began making more of a commitment to the site! We love to hear feedback and suggestions about the site, and really encourage people to view and comment on our blog posts.

The main reason we keep posting is becuase we know people are visiting, if people stop visiting, then we will stop posting. It's really just as simple as that. 

We would just like to thank everyone who gave us ideas for our site and our blog posts, and also just to anyone who visits us. Especially to Playfish for making an adorable- yet addictive Facebook app! 


If you would like us to link to your own blog related with pet society, just send us an email or leave us a message on the comments page.


If you are interested in entering any of our competitions, please click the image below to take you to our Comepetitions page.